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System Architecture And Application Strategy

S+S provides system architecture definition as the initial phase of a full product development effort or as a separate service to our clients.

These are just a few considerations in developing an overall system concept:

  • Client business objectives, timing, and budget.
  • Specific product technical requirements.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Cost and manufacturing goals.
  • Feature set evolution.
  • Expansion of the product family.
  • Identification of enabling technologies.
  • Creation of new technologies.
  • Opportunities to develop and protect intellectual property.
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements.

Our project team draws on their extensive design experience to define an architecture that can provide flexibility over the product life cycle and provide a core technology set. Through this approach, we maximize your product’s current and future utility resulting in a foundation that will serve your needs as the market evolves.

Distinctive Products

Whether you want to outsource a complete design program, reduce product line cost, solve a difficult feature/performance problem, or augment your internal staff, our diverse technical team will fulfill your requirements. We partner with you to turn product and system design challenges into market opportunities.

Consider our approach to product design:

  • We thoroughly define the project requirements up front while leaving room for the product to grow and evolve in the future.
  • We select the appropriate technologies for a project, source components strategically, and choose the right manufacturing strategy to deliver optimal unit cost and performance.
  • We incorporate the volume and manufacturing strategy into the design process to meet cost and rollout goals.
  • We take responsibility for the entire design from product concept to production drawings. Our completed product documentation packages enable you to manufacture your product in house or through manufacturing partners.
  • We deliver on time and within budget.

We consistently keep your business needs and objectives at the forefront of our efforts. In many instances we serve as a virtual engineering center, allowing our clients to focus on sales and marketing to efficiently reach their overall business goals. Let us know how we can help you succeed.

Design Validation

A significant portion of the product development process is verifying that a design meets all functional requirements, withstands or recovers cleanly from unexpected conditions (power loss, voltage transients, ESD), and tolerates environmental extremes (temperature variation, supply voltage excursions, humidity, salt exposure, weather).

S+S has a fully equipped lab to support the design validation process. We are continually upgrading our equipment to take advantage of the latest technology offerings. The validation process may also include analytical tools such as worst case analysis (WCA) or failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) performed by S+S.

We also work with a variety of approved test facilities for specific agency or standards certification such as FCC Parts 15 or 90, UL, and IEC 60601.

Prototypes and Volume Manufacturing

Our development process includes fabrication of prototypes in-house during the project design phase. We then work with one of our contract manufacturing partners or a customer manufacturing site to build validation samples using production processes and equipment. Our depth of experience in the development and validation process leads to successful transitions to volume production.

One of the offshoots of our design and manufacturing experience has been the development of test equipment for products designed by S+S. Our in depth knowledge of the product and manufacturing requirements led to the supply of specialized engineering level test equipment and non-automated production test equipment.